Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rule of Thirds

I love this photo, I think it displays the rule of thirds wonderfully. It forces the audience to look at the main focal point of the image, which is the castle. This image exhibits the rule of thirds due to the central point of the image being in the thirds grid and off to the side, not in the middle.


This picture is the front view of the pineapple. This image shows the straight on view of how the pineapple appears. I think this image was very simple and it displays the front appearance of the pineapple.

This next image is the top perspective of the pineapple. I personally like this one the best because I believe it gives a very different out look and appearance on this object. Its very unique compared to the other ones and has a different view point.

This last photo I chose to do the bottom view of the pineapple. I chose to do this because pineapple are the same all around so I couldn't do a side view because it would look very similar to the front view. I decided to get creative and do the bottom view point to get a different aspect on the pineapple. I think this picture turned out to be very cool I think this whole different view point was extremely interesting and I really like the outcome.

Leading Lines

I believe that both of these images betray the leading lines technique. The both have defined lines that bring out the subject point of the picture. For example in the first picture there are many lines, and the angle of the picture, that brings the viewer to the subject of the colorful building along the street. In the second photo the ocean line and the line of the dunes really brings out the long sandy beach. I think the technique of leading lines is very useful it draws the viewers attention to the main piece of the picture. I think the photos that I took came out very good and I am happy with the results of them and how they show the leading lines technique.